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2022 Losoya, J., Walker, J., Fuller, A., & Seefeldt, J. Ensuring One Water Works for All: Opportunities for Realizing Water Reuse in Affordable

Housing. National Wild Federation

2021 Bashr S., Bompiedi A., Hartnett C., Lee J., Losoya J., Mysorewala R., Parke M., Romero V. Donde Corre el Agua / Where the Water Runs:

Storytelling, CoProduction and Community-Based Park Design in Dove Springs, Austin, Texas


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2022 Intimate Persistence. [Digital Art]. About Place Journal

2022 Decay and Regrowth. [Digital Art]. you are here: Journal of Creative Geography

2022 Where the Water Take Me. [Digital Art]. Brazos River Review

2022 Untitled. [Digital Art]. Winter Storm Project Anthology

2022 Fungal Prayers. [Digital Art]. Lavender Bones Magazine

2022 "Salsa I" and "Salsa II". [Digital Art]. Catchwater Magazine


2022 Mix and Mash – Mexic - Arte Museum, Austin TX

2022 Queer Art Show Dougherty Arts Center, Austin TX


2020 Revived: A Q&A with Texas artist Jorge Losoya. By Jorge Losoya and William O. Pate II

Edited from Jorge Antonio Losoya. (2022). Salsa I. [Digital Art]. Catchwater Magazine